Re-Elect Christian Albouras for District 20 Alder on Tuesday, April 6th 

Our District Priorities: 

Public Safety: 

Promote safe neighborhoods  

Enhance community building 

View violence from a Public Health lens  


Child, Youth, and Family Engagement: 

Increased collaboration with community-based organizations 

Enhance meaningful family engagement opportunities 

Solving the diverse needs of the district 



Job Creation & Economic Development: 

Support local entrepreneurship

Attracting new employers 

Increasing workforce development opportunities   

Access to City Services: 

Enhance access to city informational services   

Ensure high quality district improvements 

Maximize timely service


Listening Sessions: 

Increasing opportunities for resident input 

Establishing online forums 

Gathering ideas and feedback on district issues 


Paid for and Authorized by Friends of Christian Albouras

Jonathan Gramling, Treasurer

2038 Rae Lane, Madison, WI 53711